iOS 5 beta released on a weekend, points towards a joint release with iPad 3

8 Aug

iOS 5 to be release alongside iPad 3 and iPhone 5

For the first time in Apple’s history, the company released a beta version of it’s new firmware to developers on a Saturday. This suggest that the arrival of the official finished iOS 5 for the end-users of iPhone 5 and iPad 3 is imminent.

The fact that the release of iOS beta 5 falls on a Saturday means that the release date of the new firmware is sooner rather than later. Apple had opted not to wait until Monday to release the firmware to developers as it meant another 48 hours of waiting time before it could get feedback on the iOS – this means that the clock is ticking.

What this means is that somewhere in Apple’s upper management, the order has been given for the new iPad 3 to be launched alongside the debut of Apple’s new iOS. Given how Apple is pushing this new beta firmware out the door, it points towards the fact the release date of iPad 3 has been set in stone.

As the clock is ticking towards the release of the new iOS, it also means that it is a matter of time before we hear an announcement from Apple about the release of the new iPad 3


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